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World Handball Championships 2018: Aoife McCarthy

Aoife McCarthy has numerous national and international titles to her name and is a regular across the pond with the US Nationals Doubles title being her biggest achievment to date – not surprising then that the US Open is her favourite tournament.

Aoife is a very dedicated player who trains hard and has a very positive attitude. She is right handed with her best shot being the “back wall kill” which we’re sure she’ll display as she takes to the courts on Thursday 16th when she takes on America’s Tracey Davis in her first match of the Ladies Open 40×20.
Speaking with Aoife earlier today she said

“I’m well rested after the journey and had a chance to get to the courts this morning, training went well, the set up is great and i’m just grateful to be here and have the opportunity to compete in the worlds, everyone has been so supportive….family, friends and of course my work colleagues – huge thanks to you all! I’m just excited for the games to start and get going now”

We’re sure Aoife will do amazing as always and we wish her all the best

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